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Options & Upgrades

Rubber Processing

Programmable Drill Bank

Thanks to fixed bearing pre-load and rugged construction, Accu-Router spindles can plunge up to 600 in/min. But if your parts involve many holes, it’s hard to beat the price and performance of a vertical programmable drill.

Fixed or Variable Head Spacing

To increase productivity, some customers configure their Accu-Routers with (2) or more routing spindles and drill banks. We can review your programs and objectives to recommend the ideal

setup for you.

Material Hold Down

How are you going to hold your material for machining?

Since 1983, Accu-Router and our customers have learned this is an area of GREAT competitive variation. As with the rest of your Accu-Router, it’s all custom-fitted

to your needs. 

Fanuc Control

GE Fanuc controls have also been the gold standard since 1972 — the name literally means Fuji Automatic Numerical Control. Uptime, reliability, residual value – none better. Like your home computer, components in PCbased controls are prone to obsolescence and failure after only a few years.


Fanuc controls on 30 year-old Accu-Routers are still going strong. Why use anything else? There’s a pattern forming — to save up-front cost.

Nesting / CAM Software

Nesting is an industry term defined as using geometry and common lines to get the most possible parts on a sheet, maximizing material yield with minimal scrap.

Many believe the human eye is still the best nester — with low enough production volume, that’s often correct. But our customers report the only constant anymore is change. With mass customization and “just in time” strategies, your production schedule may vary widely day to day, and sometimes within the

same day.

Auxiliary Flotation Tables

Don’t be too quick to discount our most popular and cost-effective workflow solution.

Also designed and fabricated by Accu-Router, these heavy-duty steel tables surround the main machine table at the same height, and are tied into your compressed air. In between part programs, flotation balls are pressurized for the operator to quickly and effortlessly unload spoilboard #1 (with cut parts and scrap).

Accu-Setter Touch Block

Accu-Router is pleased to announce another productivity enhancement for Accu-Router CNC routers: introducing the Accu-Setter automatic tool setter. This rugged, highly accurate and repeatable device assists the operator in setting the critical tool depth-of-cut.


Tooling depth is an often incorrectly set parameter in the control, resulting in broken tooling, premature spoil board and tool wear, incorrect parts, or worse, spindle crashes.


Even the most advanced CNC routers have spoil boards or carrier panels that accumulate dust during machining. Cleaning those panels slows down production and occupies the operator with important housekeeping duties.

Enter the ACCU-SWEEPER, an integrated air purge and baffled hood system that interfaces to your dust collector, ideally straddling our custom-fabricated flotation workflow tables (sold separately).

Safety & Guarding

Perimeter Guarding

Safety Labeling

Stack Light

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