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Q & A

My program is cutting in the wrong place or off of the table

Check that your work coordinates/absolute zero point is in the same spot as your drawing, adjust as necessary.

My control will not accept programs

Be sure the Memory Protect key is off. Sometime the control will say nothing to compare, or wrong data is used, or program not found.  Other issues can be bad cables, damaged USB/PCMCIA ports, network offline etc.

My machine says it is in E-Stop or overtravel

Press JOG, then, press and hold the OT bypass button until E-stop quits flashing.  While still holding the OT bypass button, jog the machine off of the switch.  It this does not resolve the issue, visually check the switches for obstructions/damage. 

My machine stops during a cycle with no messages or errors

Did the spindle shut off and the rollers down light go off? If so, the machine went into E-Stop momentarily and cleared once the switch returned to normal.  Check for something in the path of the switch, debris, or switch damage.

My cuts are not deep enough/too deep

Reset your Z axis depth in the work coordinate or offset setting.  Double check that the tool is not slipping in the collet. Clean the collet, collet nut and collet pocket on the nose of the spindle.  Proper torques for ISO 30 spindles are 80-100 ft-lbs and 125-140 ft-lbs for collet and HSK type spindles. Replace collet and or nut if damage to either is present.  Collets should be replaced every 400-600 hours of run time service.  See help sheet for "Tool & Collet Maintenance".

What are the proper oiler settings for the spindle?

40 PSI, 1 drop every 2-3 seconds.  See help sheet for "Setting Spindle Oiler".

What is the proper airline routing to the machine?

See help sheet for “Spindle Operating Procedures”.

What PSI should the incoming air be set to?

100 PSI is recommended.

My drilled holes are not in the proper place on my parts, but the part is the correct size

Check your zero-point settings.  The spindle and the drill(s) must reference the exact same spot.  Make a mark with the spindle at a point (X12 Y12 for example) and send the drill to the same coordinate and adjust accordingly.

How do I manually make the drills and or spindle go up on the retract?

Press MDI and enter the following (for most machines): M70, EOB key, insert, cycle start. Most Accu-Router machines use M70’s for up (think 7-UP) and M60’s for down.  Example M62 is spindle 2 down (numbered left to right), M71 would be spindle 1 up.

My control will not power up.

Check to see if the 24v power supply feeding the control has lost power.  Check that you have  110v coming into the power supply and 24v coming out of it.

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