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Green CNC

Paper Abstract

   Save Up to $50k

   on Re-Acquired Steel

RE-man, RE-build, RE-furb … any word that begins with “R-E” doesn’t do this process justice. New prospects are often skeptical, thinking Green CNC must somehow be inferior to “ALL NEW” machines.

Before 2007, Accu-Router was positioned on the high-end of the CNC industry, focusing on larger accounts that could justify a premium for best-in-class components, performance & lifetime support. During the ensuing “Great Recession”, Accu-Router seized the opportunity to re-invent ourselves and appeal to a broader audience.

Accu-Router pays cash for fixed gantry routers near the end of their life cycle — no other competitor does that. These platforms are then converted and modernized within the new customer’s budget, up to today’s top performance with full warranty. Re-using structural weldments, electrical enclosures and aluminum table can save $50,000 or more vs equivalent “all new” Accu-Routers.

If you buy an entry-level light machine, that’s as good as it will ever be. An Accu-Router Green CNC can be repeatedly upgraded as technology advances, leveraging your original investment.

Beyond original Accu-Routers, the program also includes other fixed gantry, ballscrew-drive routers like Shoda, Northwood, Komo, & Heian. This grows the program through increased access to older frames, and gives competitive customers the opportunity to cross over to Accu-Router’s renowned lifetime training, support and renewability.

So, price or performance? With Accu-Router, you no longer have to choose.

   Compatible Brands


Not sure? Contact us for help! To be eligible for Green CNC modernization, a machine must have a rugged foundation worthy of an Accu-Router:

  • Fixed gantry, moving table (no moving gantries)

  • Ballscrew motion, all axes (XYZ), rarely rack & pinion

  • THK rails preferable

  • Fanuc electronics preferable (only original Accu-Router controls are re-used, all others replaced)

If you don’t already own a compatible machine, Accu-Router can source one on your behalf – either from factory stock or the open market – then strip and modernize it to your desired configuration and budget, all backed by our industry-leading free lifetime training and support.

Importance of System Design & Rigidity

Before Green CNC, the bottom half of the market struggled to justify Accu-Router’s premium construction and price. That has all changed now.

Entry to mid-level customers are at most risk of making a buying mistake. Many lighter machines fare well in the sales process but simply can’t stand up to high production. Downtime, increased maintenance cost and lost orders frequently negate up-front savings.

The key to a CNC router is system rigidity. Any vibration or wasted motion will compromise your system’s lifespan and reliability. That’s why certain design principles are sacred at Accu-Router:

  • Fixed gantry, ballscrew-driven table … this can double system footprint but no substitute for system uptime & reliability. Moving gantry routers move significant weight across different planes, beating the machine to death over time.

  • Precision ballscrews, all axes (XYZ): no rack & pinion to-date

  • Liquid-chilled spindles … designed, built & serviced by Accu-Router. Extensive use of cast iron, including the spindle housing & mounting plate, increase rigidity & dampen vibration, maximizing tooling & bearing life

  • THK or Thomson linear ways

  • Fanuc controls for precise, repeatable motion – 10+ years mean time between failures, 30+ year parts availability


Does Accu-Router just rebuild old machines now?

No. We build both new & Green CNC’s depending on a customer’s budget, preferences, capacity needs, and availability of compatible pre-owned platforms. Accu-Router is a custom-builder at often “stock prices”, meaning we’ll build exactly what you need, rather than sell you what we have.

 Why are some Green CNC’s priced similarly to new competitive machines?

In a word, those new competitive machines are likely not as heavily-built as a new or Green Accu-Router. Our claim of “save $50k vs all-new machine” applies to Green CNC vs. similarly equipped new Accu-Router. No matter what salesmen tell you, there can be GREAT VARIATION across similarly-configured CNC routers, dramatically impacting system reliability, uptime, and your total cost of ownership (TCO). Integrating technologies to work together and flourish in demanding environments is an Accu-Router strength. Not all rollers are created equal, nor are 15HP spindles, or Fanuc controls. Just ask our customers. Competitive spec review … we’ve been doing this every day since 1983; there are no real mysteries. There’s a short list of builders that strive for our quality standards.


Want a second opinion? Provide us copies of all the quotes you received, even omitting pricing if you wish. We’ll give you our best objective view of where the differences lie, and what it will mean to your production in a few months, years, etc …

Does Accu-Router still build “all new” CNC machines?

Absolutely! At any given time, up to half our orders are for “all new” machines. Again, it depends on your budget, preferences, capacity needs, and availability of compatible pre-owned platforms.

Recent examples of new machines include a 7 axis, twin table ultrasonic knife cutting cell and a four spindle servo lateral adjust HV cell with an automated conveyor system for unmatched output. Both could have also been executed as Green CNC’s.

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