Safety & Protection


Perimeter Guarding

All existing Accu-Router machines can be fitted with a 6′ tall cyclone fence bolted to the floor which goes around the back half of the machine. There are two 3′ wide doors that open to a 6′ wide opening in the back of the machine that gives access for service or maintenance requirements. The front of the machine can be guarded with 3′ wide unitized pressure mats that can be placed around the front and along both sides of the machine. This custom design provides for full perimeter protection and will not restrict machine access or hinder productivity. Our solution is also shop friendly in terms of environmental considerations. A custom system can be made to fit your requirements. In addition, light curtains and safety scanners are available.

Safety Labeling

Whether all new or re-built, all Accu-Routers that pass through our factory receive the latest high-visibility, ANSI-compliant, safety labeling.

Stack Light

An optional stack light can be placed on top of the main operator control cabinet. When the machine is cutting the light is green. When the machine is sitting idle for less than one minute (time can be adjusted), the light is yellow. When the machine is idle for more than one minute, the light turns red. The stack light is used as an operator accountability measure. It helps maintain and recognize the importance of constant running time on the routers. This is especially effective with multiple routers in place.

Roll-Up Table Curtains

Roll-up table curtains are a reinforced fabric cover designed to help keep debris, chips, or dust off of the table ways and the table ball screw. These spring loaded roll-up curtains on each end of the machine table cover the components as the machine table travels in either direction. Clean components will ensure a more accurate and consistent machine.

Ball Screw Shroud

Ball screw shrouds are reinforced fabric covers that cover the ball screw 360 degrees protecting it from debris, chips and offal. They are an accordion design to offer full protection as the machine table travels in either direction.

Way Covers

These accordion style covers are made to fit over each of the table ways individually. A very popular retrofit for Accu-Router 5-axis machines. Perfect for smooth, consistent operation in an abrasive environment.