Pioneered by Accu-Router in the mid-1990’s, double CNC holddown has become the standard in high production panel machining …

INCREASED OUTPUT. With the ability to machine stacks 1.5+” thick, Roller Assist will double or triple your output per cycle.

TIGHTER NESTS = HIGHER YIELD. Holding material securely from top & bottom virtually eliminates part movement, maximizing your yield.

LONGER TOOLING LIFE. Vacuum-only routers often use downspiral cutters to maintain seal, but they generate heat and oppose chip evacuation. Double holddown works great w/ 3-flute, soft upspiral cutters, addressing those issues at faster cutting rates.

GREAT WITH NESTING SOFTWARE. Plataine & SigmaNEST increase the profitability of a double holddown AccuRouter, particularly with variable center distance between spindles.

EVEN GREAT 1-UP! Even in complex cuts that can’t be stacked (bevel, roundover, dado joint, countersink, etc), you’ll still enjoy benefit from Roller Assist cutting “1-up” (yield, accuracy). Let us show you with a test cut!

DOES VACUUM REALLY HELP IN A STACK? Yes. Our studies have shown up to 50% holding efficiency on 2nd layer (thru MDF carrier panel & 1st layer). Ideally 40HP liquid ring pump with limited 90-deg plumbing turns.


vac2Left: Bleeder Vacuum Screened inlet ports (aqua), raised flotation ball islands (yellow), 0.5” aluminum perimeter edging to maintain seal (purple), swing-up locator stop (green). Shown with optional MDF inlay panel (flexed up) to provide flat, replaceable surface for porous MDF carrier panel and your blank material







Roller Assist: First patented in 1986 and still the best. (4) urethane coated steel rolls with 1,000# downforce each, ideal for single or stacked machining of solid wood or full panels (up to 1.5” thick). Supplied with quick-release pins (when using vacuum only) and ductile iron bearing hangers.