Accu-Setter Touch Block

Accu-Router is pleased to announce another productivity enhancement for Accu-Router CNC routers: introducing the Accu-Setter automatic tool setter. This rugged, highly accurate and repeatable device assists the operator in setting the critical tool depth-of-cut. Tooling depth is an often incorrectly set parameter in the control, resulting in broken tooling, premature spoilboard and tool wear, incorrect parts, or worse, spindle crashes.

The Accu-Setter sits directly on top of the spoil-board in a dedicated spot, secured by a pin on the side of the router table to assure proper placement. A simple M-Code is executed, and the router does the rest. Z depths are set according to the offset that is being used for programming. In the case of machines with automatic tool changers, the offset is applied according to the tool that is in the spindle. When not in use, the Accu-Setter resides in a designated holder with a proximity switch that senses the block and will not allow the router to operate; assuring that the Accu-Setter is in the proper place to avoid damage by the machine. As with most of Accu-Router enhancements, the Accu-Setter is readily available for most Accu-Router machines.

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