Training: Schools & Schedule

Accu-Routers are sophisticated capital equipment that require certain skills to be operated safely and profitably.


Unlike many OEM, Accu-Router views training as an ongoing commitment to our users, not a profit center. New Accu-Router customers receive up to a week of on-site maintenance and operations training when their machine is delivered. Every Accu-Router user, including those who may inherit an old machine or purchase at auction, are entitled to the same free lifetime training at our Tennessee factory.


So when your star operator retires or leaves, you’re not stuck. Send them to our factory in Tennessee, and we’ll teach them everything we know to be successful.


Accu-Router’s factory training program comprises (4) different classes which rotate throughout the calendar year, taught by our experienced staff on the front-lines. They include:


  • Basic Operation and Programming (5 days)
  • Basic CNC Maintenance I (3 days)
  • Advanced CNC Maintenance II (3 days)
  • Premium Spindle Care (1.5 days after either Maintenance I/II)

 Download this year’s schedule and class agendas below. It’s time to expect more from your CNC supplier – Just Ask Our Customers.