Spindle Service


 spindle cuttingRepair
Accu-Router is the sole CNC manufacturer with an in-house, high-speed spindle repair facility in the United States. An inventory of virtually every part in the entire XR-Series line is maintained which relates to prompt service on all customer repairs.

Accu-Router prides itself on high spindle up-time. But, if one is in need of repair, you can be assured that it will be done right and in an expedient manner.  If the spindle is out of warranty, the new repair will be given a back-side warranty (on current models) straight from Accu-Router.  That attests to the kind of quality and care you can expect from us and the XR-Series spindles.  This is another Accu-Router exclusive.

 Free Loaner
Not only can we expedite your repair, we are the only spindle manufacturer/repair facility in the U.S. that will send you, at no charge, a loaner spindle while yours is being fixed…your production will not suffer!  Just call us with your spindle serial number and we will get a loaner out to you.  No one else in the industry offers this benefit.


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