System Design & Rigidity


Importance of System Design & Rigidity

Before Green CNC, the bottom half of the market struggled to justify Accu-Router’s premium construction and price. That has all changed now.

Entry to mid-level customers are at most risk of making a buying mistake. Many lighter machines fare well in the sales process but simply can’t stand up to high production. Downtime, increased maintenance cost and lost orders frequently negate up-front savings.

The key to a CNC router is system rigidity. Any vibration or wasted motion will compromise your system’s lifespan and reliability. That’s why certain design principles are sacred at Accu-Router:

  • Fixed gantry, ballscrew-driven table … this can double system footprint but no substitute for system uptime & reliability. Moving gantry routers move significant weight across different planes, beating the machine to death over time.
  • Precision ballscrews, all axes (XYZ): no rack & pinion to-date
  • Liquid-chilled spindles … designed, built & serviced by Accu-Router. Extensive use of cast iron, including the spindle housing & mounting plate, increase rigidity & dampen vibration, maximizing tooling & bearing life
  • THK or Thomson linear ways
  • Fanuc controls for precise, repeatable motion – 10+ years mean time between failures, 30+ year parts availability


Accu-Router  Category Competition
Always fixed gantry, ballscrew-driven table for maximum rigidity & uptime      System Design  Varies, usually cost vs. performance-driven. Moving gantries are plentiful but prone to backlash, rising maintenance cost & downtime
THK or Thomson linear ways, precision ballscrews (XYZ) contribute to max system rigidity & uptime. Linear Motion      Varies, usually cost vs. performance-driven. Rack & pinion drives can be prone to backlash
  • An Accu-Router strength since 1986
  • Effective rollers can stack cut more than 2x (66%) 1-up when you consider reduced system wear-&-tear, redundant radial moves
 Roller Holddown    Only specified for “for holding down warped sheet stock such as low grade plywood” – BE SURE THEY CAN STACK CUT!
Liquid chilled, cast iron, ceramic bearings, free lifetime loaners from our factory. Rigid cast iron housings dampen vibration, increase tooling & bearing life. Up to 10,000 hrs between service on wrench-type collet model Routing Spindles      Often 3rd party air-cooled from Europe. Aluminum housings prone to vibration. No loaners, accepted as a machine weakness
Always the latest Fanuc controls, precision tuned for max performance. 2.2 million Fanuc CNC’s installed worldwide, unmatched uptime & spare parts access CNC Electronics      Often off-brand or PC-based for reduced cost. For those who use Fanuc, Accu-Router can out-perform them ~25% through control tuning expertise.
GREEN CNC: Save $50k+ by trading back or modernizing at end of life cycle System Renewability      Not available
Free for life of machine Lifetime Training & Support      Usually not free, can add up over life of machine