Column-Mounted Carousel


When automatic tool change is justified, you’ll find all Accu-Router designs incorporate key principles to stand up to long-term, reliable production.

Important — we consider a side-mounted tool rack/carousel design superior for a number of reasons versus a bridge-mounted carousel (designed to save $$$):

  • Fixed position & rigid – highly repeatable
  • Does not add extra weight to bridge – load can compromise tolerance over time
  • Does not compromise dust control – spindle picks up tool vertically
  • With high rapid rates, cycle time is not adversely affected

The tool change mechanism largely depends on the host Accu-Router’s holddown technology. When Roller Assist holddown is used, both long table edges regularly

pass underneath the rollers, so a column-mounted carousel (or rack to serve two spindles) is utilized beyond the roller envelope. Examples of roller applications (single ply or stacked) include plywood furniture frames, reels and boating.

Such designs commonly have 8 tools on board and features such as:

  • the rotary carousel is the latest Accu-Router design incorporating a servo drive motor (4th axis, bi-directional to closest programmed tool position) and a precision gear motor for very smooth and accurate tool holder positioning;
  • thick ball bearing support to help compensate for varying tool holder weights with constant holder heights for efficient tool changes;
  • common holder pick and place location with an included photo-cell, and parked/guarded positions for tool holders not in use
  • entry and exist brush segments to help keep holders clean;
  • Includes (8) collets & HSK 63F tool holders (specify sizes)