Spindles, Tool Change Capability


Spindle Technology: Tool Change Capability

First-time CNC buyers are often tempted to “over-engineer” their spec and become enamored with the perceived versatility of an automatic tool changer.

In the right applications, tool change capability can indeed be powerful. Accu-Routers can be so equipped in many custom configurations. Just remember there are always trade-offs, which is yet another benefit of Accu-Router’s indepth review of your requirements before quoting your machine.

Some questions to consider and popular solutions: STD = standard, OPT = optional

Machining Requirement (One or More Routing Heads) Wrench-type Collet Spindle Programmable 5 Drill Bank Push-Button Quick Change Drawbar Drawbar with Auto Rack or Carousel
Do you have limited drilling, and will you only change bits when they become dull? STD OPT    
Do you have multiple hole sizes but intend to route with single diameter bits? STD STD    
Will you have occasional tool change needs between programs? How about swapping an unlimited # of pre-chucked tools indexed in host control at push of a button?   OPT STD  
Is automation critical to you? Will you often need multiple router bits within a single program? (different diameters, bevel, roundover, etc) OPT   STD
Are most of your tool change requirements for drilling, and (5) hole sizes or less? STD STD    
Do you have moderate tool change needs, and don’t want to risk the cost or down time of your operators crashing an elaborate automatic tool rack or carousel? OPT STD  

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