Roller Assist


Accu-Router engineered Roller Assist holddown … with four steel rolls, urethane coated & fixed mounted to the machine base for effective single or stacked panel holddown.

  • Roller Assist supplied with quick release pins & ductile iron bearing hangers;
  • Accu-Router “wrote the book” on a roller holddown system, having a U.S. patent in force from September 1986 to June 2006.
  • Beware, not all rollers are created equal.

Most vacuum-only CNC’s use “down-spiral” cutters to keep the material and vacuum seal intact. Since rollers push down on the material, you can use up-spiral tooling with the following benefits:

  • Generate less heat, evacuate chips quicker rather than regrinding debris along tool path
  • Extend your tooling & spindle bearing life, plus achieve a higher quality edge finish
  • Given above, often faster cutting rates
  • Reduce concern with fires (heat + vacuum), especially when machining hardwood
  • Eliminate the cost, maintenance and noise of a vacuum pump. New liquid-ring vacuum pumps (our preference) can retail for $25,000 or more
  • Lower energy consumption, carbon footprint

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