Auto Unload & Return


The main challenge with automated material handling “done right” is cost that can be hard to justify – as much as 50%+ the machine itself.

As a compromise, Accu-Router has reconfigured key components and capabilities of its fully automatic conveyor into an innovative system at 1/3 the cost.unloadandreturn

With our auto-unload system, your Accu-Router still depends on your operator for loading and squaring uncut stacks. Powered hi-speed conveyor rolls in the machine table “pop up” at the end of each cycle, automatically moving the spoil board and cut parts laterally for sorting while the operator loads the next stack.

After sorting the spoil board is passed through a baffled dust hood with rotary brush for cleaning and re-use — either manually by the operator or with the aid of more powered hi-speed rolls.

With such variation is material quality (i.e. warped plywood), Accu-Router prefers this design to pushing cylinders or mechanical rakes offered by competition. It must stand up to long-term high production to be worthy of the name Accu-Router.