Material Handling


Today’s Accu-Routers are FAST.

3000 in/min rapid travel, and up to 1,500 in/min in a straight-line 1.5″ stack. Still, a CNC is only paying for itself if it’s “making chips”. Our best customers literally have production meetings about how to keep the tool in the material and minimize idle time. But an unacceptable number of CNC routers lose valuable production every shift waiting on their operators.

The future is continuous, machine-paced production where the machine loads and unloads itself. All that is asked of the operator is sorting cut parts from scrap (offal) and basic housekeeping. You guessed it — the future at AccuRouter IS NOW.

Some competitors use 3rd-party “bolt-on” loading systems. Since the 1990’s, Accu-Router has designed and integrated its own material handling systems to the host Fanuc control for single-source accountability. Our customers have found an automated Accu-Router can out-produce a manually operated one as much as double.


Our Most Popular Options

Here are our three most popular options today. Accu-Router is built for innovation and agility … who knows? Maybe we’ll discover the next automation breakthrough for your requirement!

Auxiliary Flotation Tables
Auto Unload and Return
Integrated Conveyor