Programmable Drill Bank


Thanks to fixed bearing pre-load and rugged construction, Accu-Router spindles can plunge up to 600 in/min.

But if your parts involve many holes, it’s hard to beat the price and performance of a vertical programmable drill.

Our standard configuration is 5 positions on 32mm centers, mounted adjacent to main routing spindle. Some customers sacrifice yield and mount a second spindle and drill either a fixed distance from the first combo, or with programmable servo-driven head spacing to reclaim some lost yield.

  • three spindles oriented to the X axis and three to the Y axis (in “L” formation, so actually five equally spaced spindles)
  • independently programmable spindles on 32 mm centers thru 48 additional work coordinate offsets supplied on CNC control
  • motor and starter supplied
  • very fast drillhead, popular with our user base
  • XR-15 routing spindle and drillhead are independently programmable – up or down on their retract slides