Fixed or Variable Head Spacing


To increase productivity, some customers configure their Accu-Routers with (2) or more routing spindles and drill banks. We can review your programs and objectives to recommend the ideal setup for you.

  • Mounting spindles/drills on 24″ fixed center is popular in furniture
  • Multiple spindles can be manually adjustable with digital readout between programs (plywood reels etc)

An option worth considering is variable head spacing, sometimes called “servo lateral adjust”. Possible through a 4th axis in the host CNC control, spindle center distance can be altered by servo motor between cuts (common range 20-30″). Used in conjunction with popular CAM software like SigmaNEST and Plataine, this can reclaim up to 10% of the yield lost with multi-head machining, paying for itself quickly in better material utilization.

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