20HP, 24K RPM Collet


XR-20 Collet, Manual/Wrench Type

  • 20HP rated at full 480V-3 phase
  • Operating range 3600 rpm to 24,000 rpm
  • Aggressive plunge rates, fixed pre-load (up to 600 in/min)
  • 1” diameter capacity, manual change
  • This spindle model utilizes high precision internal components including a jig bore ground ID and precision dowelled end bells
  • High pressure oil injector system for bearing lubrication
  • Optional drop monitoring system to safeguard against failures
  • Ceramic bearings are tandem mounted front to rear to support higher operating speeds (40mm rear, 50mm nose)
  • This spindle model will allow for up to 50% higher cutting rates than slower (18,000 rpm) spindles with less HP.
  • 1,000 Hz Spindel amplifier or equivalent
  • Mounted on a cast iron plate for independent control; cast iron provides unmatched system rigidity, quietness of cut and quality edge finish