XR-15 Power Drawbar, HSK 63F Interface

  • 15HP rated at full 480V-3 phase;
  • Operating range 1,000 rpm to 18,000 rpm;
  • Aggressive plunge rates, fixed pre-load (up to 600 in/min);
  • 1” diameter capacity, power drawbar;
  • Push button manual quick-change or fixed position automatic rack/carousel.

Housing & Construction

  • high strength (32,000 tensile) cast iron outer housing to help maintain internal precision alignment;
  • 15HP motor pack supplied by E+A (Switzerland), also used by spindle giants Fischer & IBAG;
  • cast iron provides unmatched system rigidity, quietness of cut and quality edge finish, maximizing tool & bearing life (compare to cheaper die-cast housings);
  • machined/balanced shaft 19.5” long and up to 3.125” OD;
  • 460 volt, 4-pole motor pack for full torque at lower RPMs;
  • heat shrunk rotor for ideal internal balance;
  • upper and lower balance rings that are precision balanced;
  • balanced to operate at 80 decibels at full speed/no load.

OTT JAKOB Drawbar Assembly (Germany)

  • OTT JAKOB drawbar assembly with precision front grippers interfaced to HSK 63F precision tool holder for unsurpassed gripping efficiency;
  • Unlike tapered tooling with a retention knob (ISO/CAT), HSK grips the inside of the tool holder.  Gripping force increases along with RPM;
  • HSK tool holders have two points of contact: the taper and the flange face.  Tapered tooling only has a single contact point: the taper;
  • A two stage air cylinder is used to overcome the spring stack to allow the tool holder to be removed;
  • In 1974, Ott developed the power drawbar, which has been continuously improved to meet new application requirements;
  • Today, 250,000 machines worldwide are operating with the Ott power drawbar.

Bearings & Lubrication

  • two duplex 65 mm ID ceramic lower bearings;
  • two duplex 40 mm ID ceramic upper shaft bearings;
  • micro spray mist oil lubrication to the bearings.