Liquid-Chilled Spindles


Spindle Technology

Spindles are literally the heart of a CNC router. Every other part either provides rigid support or precise motion to position the spindle for machining. So why do so many builders still import inexpensive, often air-cooled and failure prone spindles?

Aerospace and metalworking customers have used better spindles for years, so why short-change fabricators of wood, plastics and composites? Since 1995, Accu-Router has refined its own XR Series spindle line – designed, assembled and serviced in a clean room environment at our Tennessee factory.

Accu-Router’s liquid-chilled spindles are precision-balanced in a cast iron outer housing and secured to the machine on a cast iron platform. This rigid framework offers unsurpassed performance to the user. You’ll be able to cut faster with minimal chatter, vibration, and spindle noise – extending your tool and bearing life! Cutting-edge advancements in oil lubrication directed onto the large ceramic bearings keep them lubricated and cool.

Accu-Router XR-15 collet spindles commonly exceed 10,000 hours in production before requiring service – or 5- plus years in a single shift! And IF service may eventually be required, don’t worry about down time; Accu-Router will provide free loaner spindles for the life of your machine, even after the warranty expires.



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