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Technology: Fanuc CNC

GE Fanuc controls have also been the gold standard since 1972 — the name literally means Fuji Automatic Numerical Control. Uptime, reliability, residual value – none better. Like your home computer, components in PCbased controls are prone to obsolescence and failure after only a few years. Fanuc controls on 30 year-old Accu-Routers are still going strong. Why use anything else? There’s a pattern forming — to save up-front cost.

And don’t assume for a second that all Fanuc controls are created equal. One furniture customer reports their Accu-Routers process 25 more nested panels/shift than equivalent Fanuc competition. How? Years of optimizing & tuning settings of Fanuc controls for maximum performance. It’s about precise acceleration & deceleration (ACC/DEC), AI Contour Control (AICC), looking ahead in the program and expediting upcoming moves within acceptable tolerance.

Our Green CNC program uniquely leverages the stability and longevity of Fanuc controls — in this case, models a generation or two old on platforms re-acquired for modernization. While a 1990’s Fanuc control may lack the latest bells & whistles — ethernet/flash datacom, ultra-precise high-speed cornering — it’s still vastly superior to off-brand or PC-based units. Dozens of Accu-Router customers have opted for the savings of a pre-owned 18M control, which are also compatible with most nesting/CAM software.

No matter the cost, you do owe it to yourself to fully consider Fanuc’s latest control technology. Like the engine in a high-performance automobile, it’s what really unleashes a High Velocity Accu-Router. Below is a description of our current flagship, the Model 0i-MD.

This control comes standard with many high speed features so important to cell productivity:

  • automatic cornering software for maximum cornering speeds,
  • advanced look ahead capability,
  • 10.4” LED color monitor,
  • Ethernet & PCMCIA high density memory card plug-in slot
  • high response Fanuc servo motor technology,
  • custom Macro, programmable data input,
  • work piece coordinate offset, 48 extra offsets,
  • Bell Shape ACC/DEC high speed machining
  • Alpha Series servos: up to 50% energy savings via faster cycles, power source regeneration

On its predecessor flagship 18i-MB, AICC/HPCC and bell shape ACC/DEC were combined $5,300 upgrade – now available at no additional cost! If your Fanuc CNC control is five years or older, this new control technology will likely be cost justifiable for an upgrade or retrofit.

Fanuc CNC controls are more value laden than ever before. Block processing speeds and closed loop feedback are accomplished at rates much faster than in the past. The end result is the ability to achieve machine motion and machining rates as much as five times faster than older CNC machines. Automatic cornering speeds can reduce cycle times up to 30%, especially in programs with multiple radii moves.

2009-11-Fanuc-0i-MD-Control-1Accu-Router’s Green CNC remanufacturing program upgrades older Accu-Routers with new mechanical components so that a Fanuc control retrofit can truly result in dramatic improvement in output. A Fanuc CNC control retrofit does involve all new machine electronics, servo motors, cables, control components, etc, which are housed in reconditioned NEMA-12 (dust tight) enclosures – passing back more savings to the customer.

Every Accu-Router customer receives personalized CNC control ladder architecture developed exclusively for their application requirements. This exclusive attention maximizes productivity, safety, and operator communications, and can be modified upon customer request at any point in the future. This also allows for complete integration of any peripheral devices through the host CNC control, such as an automated conveyor system, perimeter guarding, etc. This level of customer interface is simply not offered competitively – JUST ASK OUR CUSTOMERS!