Series III-C


Series III (3-Axis): Flagship Model for High Production Machining

  • Available with either newly fabricated structural components or re-acquired (steel base, bridge, enclosures and aluminum table)
  • Green CNC: customer can provide used Accu-Router or competitive brand for upgrade, or we can source on their behalf
  • Table sizes range from 4x8’ to 5x12’, and/or twin or inline shuttle (up to 6’ x 25’)
  • High speed ballscrew assemblies, including a 50 mm OD spin-the-nut model on the X axis, & THK linear rails;
  • Spindle: manual collet, push-button quick change, or automatic (rack or carousel)
  • Optional programmable electronic drill (32mm centers)
  • Speeds up to 3,000 in/min (XY), 800 in/min (Z)
  • Customizable holddown: vacuum, rollers, flip pods or combination thereof
  • Numerous options for enhanced material squaring and workflow, up to fully-integrated load/unload
  • Latest Fanuc electronics for optimal cycle time, datacom & operator convenience
  • Accu-Router provides post-processor for interfacing to most popular software (Mastercam, Plataine, SigmaNEST etc.)
Series III Router

Technical Specifications

Series III 3-Axis Flagship Model for High Production Machining of Solid Panels (Tables Range from 4x8’ to 5x12’, Stack & 1-Up)
Design Background
  • Current industry-leading 3-axis production model
  • Custom-built to your requirements: multiple table sizes, part holddown technologies, spindle configurations, auto-loading, etc
  • Older fixed-gantry, ballscrew-drive competitive routers can be transformed into High Velocity Accu-Routers via Green CNC
Industries Served Furniture Boating Plywood Aerospace Automotive
  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Ideal for all types of panel machining, both stacked & 1-up
CNC Control Fanuc 0i-MD (Pre-owned Fanuc 18M for tighter budgets)
Control Memory 512 kb, flash port & optional Ethernet
Servo Drives
  • High-efficiency digital closed-loop, 1M positions per motor revolution
  • 50% less power consumption: faster cycles, pump energy back into power line when machine decelerates
Cornering Software Bell-shaped ACC/DEC, AICC contour control, 40 block look-ahead
Display 10.4" color LCD
Homing Sequence Absolute encoders -- homing no longer required; saves time
Routing Spindle(s) XR-15 liquid chilled (collet or power drawbar), built & serviced by Accu-Router in Tennessee
Housing & Carriage 32,000# tensile-strength closed-grain Meehanite cast iron (rigid, dampens vibration)
Tool Change Automatic or quick change (15 secs)
Programmability Up to (4) main routing spindles with optional variable head spacing for maximum yield (manual digital or precision servo drive)
Bearings Duplex ceramic
Lubrication Internal micro-spay mist (electronic injection for 20HP model)
Drilling Fixed bearing preload can plunge up to 600 in/min, and/or optional HSD programmable electronic drill heads (5 spindles on 32mm centers)
Material Holddown Based on application: Roller Assist, Flow-Thru vacuum, traditional gasketed vacuum, or combination thereof
Ballscrew Technology High-speed precision screws, including "spin-the-nut" model on X axis (auto-lubricated)
Linear Motion / Rails THK precision linear ways
Auto-Load / Unload
  • Optional material handling integrated to host Fanuc control
  • Machine-paced production increases operator safety & can double machine output
Perimeter Guarding Optional: ANSI-compliant, cyclone fencing & unitized safety mats interlocked to host Fanuc control
Rapid Rates (X & Y) Up to 3,000 in/min XY, 800 in/min Z
Machining Rates Up to 1,500 in/min (up to 1.75" stack)
Table Sizes (Popular shown) 48" x 96" (4x8’) 60" x 120" (5x10’) 60" x 144" (5x12’)
Programmable Travel: X 96" 120" 144"
Y (gantry) 72" 72" 72"
Z (vertical) 7" 7" 7"
Positioning Accuracy Quoted at 0.005" (almost always less)
Repeatability Quoted at 0.002" (typically half or less)
Electrical Requirements 480V / 3-Phase / 60Hz (can be altered with transformer)
Shipping Weight 17,000#
Warranty Full one-year warranty with lifetime loaner spindles during repair!
Renewability (Green CNC)
  • Can be retrofitted as new technology becomes available, and/or modernized or exchanged at end of life cycle
  • Competitive fixed-gantry, ballscrew-drive routers also eligible (CALL)
Financing Competitive 36-60 month financing available based on credit
Training & 24/7 Phone Support FREE FOR LIFE OF MACHINE