Reels & Frames


Many Accu-Router users simply want to machine as much plywood/OSB as they can.

Plywood Furniture Frames

Many domestic upholstered firms choose not to have a woodshop and machine their own frames, opting instead to partner with a contract frame shop. Many of these frame shops also use nesting software to manage their yield and production. As you can imagine, serving multiple customers with changing styles and quantities takes great agility.

Accu-Routers are ideally suited for contract frame production:

  • the machine(s) are the lifeblood of the operation, and Accu-Router uptime & reliability are unsurpassed
  • Accu-Router was the first to perfect and patent Roller Assist, which is great for stack cutting (up to 1.75″) but also single-ply. Holding the material from above with rollers enables you to use upspiral tooling, generate less heat (and fires), and prolong your tooling & bearing life through better chip evacuation
  • Popular with frame shops is our two spindle, two drill bank configuration with “on the fly” servo lateral adjust between heads, providing maximum flexibility and throughput.
  • Automated load/unload will increase ROI in coming years.

Plywood & Nailed Wood Reels for Construction, Utility

For many of the same reasons above, Accu-Routers are highly popular in the wooden reel industry. Look-ahead high-speed cornering on Fanuc controls gives precise geometry even on the largest reels (60″+). Some systems have up to (4) routing spindles with variable head spacing. Due to our heavy construction and fixed bearing preload, we can plunge up to 600 in/min for drilling. Accu-Router has even designed custom cells for the production of nailed wood reels. Let us evaluate your next requirement, free of charge.

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