Hardwood machining takes many forms:
  • Occasional furniture
  • Architectural millwork with complex geometry

Premium Accu-Router CNC technology is ideal for hardwood machining for the following reasons:

High system rigidity
On exposed solid wood parts, any machining vibration can cause chattered edge finish, leading to rework, scrap, sanding and decreased profitability.
Extensive use of cast iron = Superior edge finish
It’s one thing for a machine to be ruggedly built. Accu-Router takes it a step further, using extensive high-tensile strength machine-grade cast iron around the cutting envelope. That includes the spindle carriage, retracts for each head, and our spindle housings themselves. Sure it costs more than aluminum, but it’s superior in every performance characteristic. And it pays for itself over time in better edge finish, and longer tooling and bearing life.
Premium liquid-cooled Spindles with Tool Change capability
Why settle for a throw-away routing spindle when you can enjoy the world’s best for a little more?
It was this commitment that prompted Accu-Router to start building and servicing its own spindles in Tennessee in the mid-1990’s. Exclusive features include liquid-cooling, oversized duplex ceramic bearings with a fixed preload for plunge cutting, internal micro-spray mist lubrication, and world-class components from suppliers used by IBAG and Fischer. Because we build them, we also have the luxury of offering free lifetime loaners when yours requires service, and back-end warranties on repairs.
Hardwood often requires automatic tool change in single programs (shape cuts). Our power drawbar spindle is the best in routing, utilizing the HSK63F tooling interface that grips the tool from the inside, so retention force increases along with speed and side-load.
Our fixed position tool changers are highly repeatable without compromising dust collection or adding weight to the gantry.
Precision and Repeatability
We encourage our users to think “total cost of ownership”. If you don’t buy the better machine, you’ll pay for it eventually in downtime and maintenance cost. Lighter machines can be prone to backlash and frustrating “trial and error”  when quality suddenly declines. Some Accu-Routers built in the 1980’s are still going strong, powered by Fanuc controls you can still get parts and service for.
Customizable Holddown Systems
Every Accu-Router is custom-built to your specifications–we don’t have a warehouse full of machines we’re trying to sell. Your ideal solution may be any combination of Roller Assist, flow-thru vacuum, and/or gasketed vacuum. We even offer automatic screw insertion/extraction, bolting material to its carrier panel, and precision fixtures with vacuum generators and mechanical clamps. We have decades of experience and know-how to recommend the right technology within your budget.