Recreational boating is a $35 billion industry. While there has been consolidation and attrition, surviving firms are better for it and conditioned to compete on the global stage.

Accu-Router installed our first Roller Assist machine at Wellcraft in 1985. Most major boat builders have operated Accu-Routers over the years, including divisions of OMC, Genmar and Brunswick.

Our boating users push their machines hard, demanding top performance and 24/7 reliability. Most utilize nesting software to reduce work-in-process and maximize material yield.

Green CNC has spawned a new, exciting chapter in Accu-Router’s boating strategy. Re-using structural weldments, electrical enclosures and aluminum table can save $50,000 or more vs equivalent “all new” Accu-Routers, up to today’s top performance with full warranty.

  • Some customers who historically bought “all new” Accu-Routers have embraced the value of Green CNC. We often source them a compatible platform on the open market, then transform it to their spec with full warranty.
  • Green CNC renewability is helping us acquire competitive accounts. In many cases, we modernize (1) older competitive machine to prove ourselves — fixed gantry brands include Komo, Northwood, Shoda & Heian. Once a new user experiences Accu-Router performance and lifetime support, they keep coming back for more.
  • Green CNC has also made Accu-Router accessible to entry-level customers. By re-using inspected, traded-back components (often pre-owned Fanuc controls), we can back into almost any budget. Rather than a light machine with PC-based or off-brand control, these customers enjoy a reliable workhorse that can be upgraded as they grow.

Since our founding in 1983, we’ve found no substitute for quality construction, high structural rigidity, and responsive support. Just ask our customers.

American Made…

Recreational boating in the US is a $35 billion industry and creates 338,526 marine industry jobs (manufacturing, dealers/wholesalers, services) at 34,833 marine industry businesses. 93% of the boats sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S.

Not Just Boats…

Recreational boating retail expenditures (new and pre-owned boats and engines, trailers, accessories and services including fuel, repair, storage, insurance, taxes) increased 10 % in 2012 to $35.6 billion.

Retail sales of new powerboats increased 10.1% in 2012.