Much like aerospace, the limitations of woodworking routers are often exposed by demanding automotive applications, which often involve simultaneous 3D machining of composites and reinforced plastics.

For RV’s and towables, machining can be the more traditional 3-axis panel processing – more like boating. Materials include wood, aluminum, and solid surface for interior furnishings.

There are plenty of light-duty 5-axis routers on the market. If that’s what you need, we’ll happily point you that direction. 5-axis Accu-Routers deliver unparalleled tolerance, rigidity, repeatability, and speed for advanced applications where high production and/or cost per part justify it. Commonly starting at $300,000, they’re worth every penny to such users.

Here again is an industry where Accu-Router is an engineering and service company that builds great machine tools for your production challenges. Everything is custom, and sometimes unprecedented.

The below video is an existing user that received an OEM contract for molded 3D trunk mats. They trimmed the edges by hand until annual volume approached 400,000 units. Knowing Accu-Router through community charities, they chose to invest in our transferable skills and great ingenuity.

We quickly determined a rotary router bit was not suited for trimming a plastic mold. The solution? We identified and integrated a high-frequency ultrasonic cutting knife, and mounted it on a 7-axis twin-table frame powered by a Fanuc control, and partnered with a leading firm in Michigan for custom work-holding fixtures.

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