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Green CNC: Save Up to $50k on Re-Acquired Steel

RE-man, RE-build, RE-furb … any word that begins with “R-E” doesn’t do this process justice. New prospects are often skeptical, thinking Green CNC must somehow be inferior to “ALL NEW” machines.

Before 2007, Accu-Router was positioned on the high-end of the CNC industry, focusing on larger accounts that could justify a premium for best-in-class components, performance & lifetime support. During the ensuing “Great Recession”, Accu-Router seized the opportunity to re-invent ourselves and appeal to a broader audience.

Not Just Rebuilds Green CNC or “all new” based on your budget, requirements, and preference, all backed by lifetime training & support.

Accu-Router pays cash for fixed gantry routers near the end of their life cycle — no other competitor does that. These platforms are then converted and modernized within the new customer’s budget, up to today’s top performance with full warranty. Re-using structural weldments, electrical enclosures and aluminum table can save $50,000 or more vs equivalent “all new” Accu-Routers.

If you buy an entry-level light machine, that’s as good as it will ever be. An Accu-Router Green CNC can be repeatedly upgraded as technology advances, leveraging your original investment.

Beyond original Accu-Routers, the program also includes other fixed gantry, ballscrew-drive routers like Shoda, Northwood, Komo, & Heian. This grows the program through increased access to older frames, and gives competitive customers the opportunity to cross over to Accu-Router’s renowned lifetime training, support and renewability.

So, price or performance? With Accu-Router, you no longer have to choose.

Photo Gallery: Komo Transformed Into Green CNC

Photo Gallery: Shoda Transformed Into Green CNC