Series I-M


Series I-M (3-Axis): Highly Rigid, Compact Footprint for 3x5’ Tables & Smaller

  • Compact footprint ideal for space constraints, small shops
  • Table sizes range from 2x4’ to 3x5’
  • Stress-relieved steel fixed gantry, precision-ballscrew driven table like all Accu-Routers
  • Spindle: manual collet, push-button quick change, or automatic (rack or carousel)
  • Holddown: vacuum (no rollers)
Series I Router

The Accu-Router Series I


Technical Specifications

Series I-M 3-Axis Highly Rigid, Compact Footprint for 4x4’ Tables & Smaller
Design Background
  • Successor to old Powermatic Series I C-frame router with belt-drive spindle
  • Built with cast iron base & gantry (vs steel) for maximum rigidity & vibration dampening, not always cost-justifiable
  • Smaller table & footprint ideal for smaller shops
Industries Served Furniture Boating Plywood Aerospace Automotive
  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CNC Control Fanuc
Control Memory 512 kb, flash port & optional Ethernet
Servo Drives
  • High-efficiency digital closed-loop, 1M positions per motor revolution
  • 50% less power consumption: faster cycles, pump energy back into power line when machine decelerates
Routing Spindle XR-15 liquid chilled (collet or power drawbar), built & serviced by Accu-Router in Tennessee
Housing & Carriage 32,000# tensile-strength closed-grain Meehanite cast iron (rigid, dampens vibration)
Tool Change Automatic or quick change (15 secs)
Bearings Duplex ceramic
Lubrication Internal micro-spray mist
Drilling Fixed bearing preload can plunge up to 400 in/min, and/or optional Aro Drill
Material Holddown Based on application: Traditional gasketed vacuum, vacuum flip pods, custom fixtures, etc (Roller Assist on Series II & III only)
Ballscrew Technology Traditional precision ballscrews
Linear Motion / Rails THK precision linear ways
Perimeter Guarding Optional: ANSI-compliant, cyclone fencing & unitized safety mats interlocked to host Fanuc control
Rapid Rates (X & Y) Up to 600 in/min XY, 400 in/min Z
Machining Rates Up to 600 in/min
Table Sizes (Popular shown) 24" x 48" (2x4’) 48" x 48" (4x4’) 36" x 60" (3x5’)
Programmable Travel: Y (table) 24" 48" 36"
X (gantry) 72" 72" 72"
Z (vertical) Up to 6" Up to 6" Up to 6"
Positioning Accuracy Quoted at 0.005" (almost always less)
Repeatability Quoted at 0.002" (typically half or less)
Electrical Requirements 480V / 3-Phase / 60Hz (can be altered with transformer)
Warranty Full one-year warranty with lifetime loaner spindles during repair!
Renewability (Green CNC)
  • Can be retrofitted as new technology becomes available, and/or modernized or exchanged at end of life cycle
  • Competitive fixed-gantry, ballscrew-drive routers also eligible (CALL)
Financing Competitive 36-60 month financing available based on credit
Training & 24/7 Phone Support FREE FOR LIFE OF MACHINE